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Home Restoration Claims Denied

My Restoration Claims Were Denied, So Now What?

No one wants to experience property damage, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon. If you have recently suffered fire or water destruction and have had your restoration claims denied by the insurance company, you may be […]

Insurance Water Damage

How to Get Insurance to Cover Your Water Damage

For property owners, water damage can be a devastating and costly issue to encounter. Even if you purchase insurance coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean the company will pay for the entire amount of the repair […]

Replace subfloor due to water damage in Spokane, WA

Know When to Replace Your Subfloor Due to Water Damage

If you own a home, then water damage is one of the biggest risks you face. Water damage can cause problems in every aspect of your property, from weakening the structural integrity to destroying precious […]

Top water damage signs to watch out for before your house has serious problems.

Top 5 Signs You Might Have Water Damage

Do you know if your home is at risk of water damage? Many homeowners don’t realize that water could be causing serious problems in their house until it is too late. Safeway Restoration, experts in […]

How to repair water damage to wood

How to Repair Water Damage to Wood

When water damage to wood occurs, it’s important to act fast. You may feel tempted to try and tackle the job on your own as a DIY project to save money, but this isn’t always […]

Difference between water damage restoration & remediation

Understanding the Difference Between Water Damage Restoration & Remediation

Knowing the difference between water damage restoration and remediation can be confusing, but understanding each one is key to reaching a successful outcome. Water damage restoration focuses on returning damaged items or areas to their […]

Commercial fire in Spokane, WA - Navigating the Aftermath

Navigating the Aftermath of a Commercial Fire in Spokane

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing a commercial fire in Spokane, you know just how devastating they can be. Not only do they destroy your property and inventory, but they can also disrupt your […]

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