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Wind & Hail Damage Restoration in Spokane

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Did a wind or a hail storm damage your home? Spokane weather can create disasters from broken windows, fallen trees, holes in roofs, to damaged siding, and structural destruction to your house. Our team of experts at Safeway Restoration is here to quickly provide wind or storm damage restoration and make the process easy.

We understand the challenges you will face after unexpected damage to your property. We work with your insurance company to restore your your home or business as soon as possible. Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional service.

Residential & Commercial

Wind & Hail Damage Restoration Services in Spokane, WA

Wind, rain, and hail damage to your home can be devastating. Quick action is the key to limiting further damage. At Safeway Restoration our top priority is to have your property restored quickly and looking better than new.

High winds & hurricane damage repairs in Spokane, WA

High Winds & Hurricane Damage

Extreme winds can strip your roof of shingles, trees can uproot and fall on your home crashing into your roofs, windows, and walls.

Hail & Ice Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Spokane, WA

Hail & Ice Storm Damage

Huge golf ball sized hail can dent your siding, roof, chimney, or gutters, while ice can impact power poles or cause trees to fall.

Thunderstorm and rain causes damage to a Spokane house

Thunderstorm & Rain Damage

Excessive rain, winds, and hail can damage your roof or flood your property. You'll have to watch for rot, moisture, mold, & mildew issues.

Freezing weather damage in Spokane

Freezing Weather Damage

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst, leaks behind sheetrock and walls, and basements flooding. Ice dams on roofs can also leak.

Water Damage

Any weather disaster can lead to water damage. Our team will extract water, thoroughly dry affected areas, and restore your property.

When Spokane wind and hail storm disaster strikes, Safeway Restoration is here to provide emergency reconstruction services.

Wind & Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Navigating the aftermath of a wind or hail storm can be overwhelming, but our dedicated team will make the process easy for you. We specialize in not only wind and hail damage restoration but also in helping you work with your insurance company to restore your property. Safeway Restoration understands the details of insurance claims and documentation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you. From assessing the damage and documenting losses to communicating directly with your insurance provider, we're here to guide you every step of the way. With our expertise, you can rest assured knowing that your property will be restored to its previous condition, and your insurance claims process will be managed efficiently.

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Spokane Wind & Hail Damage FAQS

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  • Contact Safeway Restoration!
  • We will arrive at your house as soon as possible so we can help prevent further damage from occurring.
  • We will perform a thorough assessment of your roof damage from the storm.
  • We will contact your insurance provider.
  • We provide a plan of action for next steps.
  • We restore your home.

When you have big trees close to your property you are at risk during a storm for it falling on your home. If the roots are large they can crack your foundation over time. If you have sick or dead trees this increases the risk of them falling. Overgrown branches can lead to serious damage of your siding and roof. If limbs break during a storm they can crash into your roof or windows.

Watch out for shingles bending up, missing, or nails ripped out. If you see your shingles flapping then you should get your roof checked for damage. If you don't catch it quickly this could lead to further water damage.

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Very pleased with all the work done. Prompt professional and polite. They took the time to explain everything as they went along.

~ Judy W.

Excellent Repair Job

I had Safeway Restoration do some shed repair and siding on my house and they did an excellent job. Good group of guys to work with, definitely recommend them!

~ Hector O.

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