Spotting Siding Damage After a Storm — 8 Signs You Need to Know

A major storm has just swept through your neighborhood, leaving a trail of debris and destruction. Luckily, your home is still standing; more importantly, nobody is hurt. But just because your home is still standing doesn’t mean damage hasn’t been done to its exterior. Siding damage is often overlooked because many people don’t know what to look for after a mighty windstorm, hail, or heavy rain.

Understanding how to recognize and address storm damage is essential to your home's long-term wealth and well-being. Left untreated, it can lead to significant issues. In this article, we’ll dive into the significance of siding damage after a storm and provide insights so you can deal with it effectively.

The Quicker, the Better — Assessing Siding Damage is Vital

After a storm, your home's siding can take a beating — after you’ve collected yourself and made sure your family and pets are safe, assess siding damage as quickly as possible. Not only does it prevent further harm, but it also plays a role in safeguarding your investment. Here’s why:

  • Preventing Further Water Damage:

Timely assessment and repair prevent the worsening of siding damage, averting costly structural issues and repairs caused by water infiltration through cracks.

  • Valid Insurance Claims:

Swift assessment and documentation are essential for successful insurance claims, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for storm-related damages.

  • Preserving Home Value:

Maintaining the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property is essential. Addressing siding damage right after a storm helps your home retain market value and visual appeal.

Don't ignore repairing your home from storm damage. It can lead to safety hazards.

What Happens if You Ignore Storm Damage?

Neglecting siding damage after a storm might seem tempting, but the consequences can be significant — and costly. From increased siding repair costs to safety hazards, here are a few things that can happen if you try to “save” a quick buck by ignoring damage to your home’s siding.

  • Increased Expenses:

Neglected siding damage can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs, including potential interior damage and mold issues caused by water infiltration.

  • Diminished Property Value:

Visible siding damage affects your property's curb appeal and market value, potentially making it less attractive to potential buyers.

  • Safety Hazards:

Loose or damaged siding materials can become safety hazards. Neglecting such damage may lead to accidents and costly liability claims.

Unsure if Insurance Will Cover Your Siding Damage?

Safeway Restoration will work with your insurance and take care of all the details.

One of the signs of storm damage is mold.

What to Look for — 8 Signs of Siding Damage

A thorough assessment of your siding is essential to identify and address potential damage in the aftermath of a storm. Here are 8 major signs a storm has damaged your siding.

1. Signs of cracks and fractures:

Look for any visible cracks or factures in the siding material. Don't just look for big cracks, either; take your time and look closely for smaller cracks that might worsen over time.

2. Loose or missing siding panels:

Check if any panels have come loose or are entirely missing. It's a good idea to run your hand over areas you suspect have been damaged — it can be hard to tell with eyes alone.

3. Dents and dings:

Examine the surface for dents and dings, which may be caused by hail or flying debris. These may be small!

4. Water stains or mold growth:

Inspect for water stains or any signs of mold or mildew, indicating water penetration. Water damage is a huge cost and gets worse quickly!

5. Warped or discolored siding:

Pay attention to any warping or unusual discoloration, as these can indicate underlying issues.

6. Hail damage indicators:

Look for tiny pockmarks or craters — these are indicators of hail damage!

7. Signs of wind damage:

Check for signs of wind damage, such as siding that has been pulled away from the wall.

8. Inspect siding accessories (e.g., soffits, fascia, trim):

Remember to examine accompanying components like soffits, fascia, and trim for potential damage. Taking the time to inspect these details can save you tons in the long run.

This checklist is a great starting point for someone savvy with home repairs — if you’re not, we would love to help!

If your siding was damaged in a storm, you need your home assessed & file a claim with your insurance.

What Do You Do if Your Siding Was Damaged in a Storm?

Dealing with home insurance claims can often feel like a bureaucratic maze, and when it comes to siding damage after a storm, the need for a smooth process is crucial. Delay and confusion can only worsen the situation, exposing your home to further harm. If your home has been damaged, this is what the insurance claim process looks like.

1. Contact your Insurance:

Contact your insurance company when you notice siding damage. Have your policy details ready.

2. Document the Damage:

Take clear photos and videos of the damage for your claim. Include wide-angle and close-up shots.

3. Get Repair Estimates:

Obtain repair estimates from reputable contractors. These help assess the extent of damage.

4. File Your Claim:

Submit your claim with your gathered documentation and estimates.

5. Review and Repair:

Review your policy details after approval and hire a qualified storm damage repair contractor in Spokane for the repairs.

We Are the Pros of Home Siding Repairs and Inspections in Spokane

Storms can be a deadly and wild inconvenience for everyone in the Spokane area. If you act wisely during weather storms, you and your loved ones should be safe and sound — but your home is busy protecting you and your family. The brunt of harsh weather will be hitting your home’s siding and can quickly cause siding damage that can be costly and difficult to spot. Ignoring this damage can lead to increased expenses, reduced property value, and safety hazards. Make sure you take action right after a storm. Safeway Restoration in Spokane, WA, is here to inspect your home and siding damage for you! Get started by filling out our new client intake form.

Need Help with Siding Repairs After a Storm?

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