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Safeway Restoration located in Spokane, WA, can help you understand common fire hazards & how to prevent them.

What are the Leading Fire Hazards at Home & Work?

Fire safety is crucial in home and work environments to protect lives and property. Understanding the common fire hazards and how to prevent them is essential for minimizing risks. Identifying these hazards and implementing safety […]

When you have water damage to your Spokane home, one of the most urgent challenges a homeowners may face is flooring replacement.

Flooring Replacement Options to Consider After Water Damage

When water damage strikes your home, one of the most significant and urgent challenges homeowners face is flooring replacement. In Spokane, Washington, where weather can contribute to such incidents, understanding the scope and depth of […]

Water leaks in a home are often underestimated in their potential to cause significant damage.

The Danger of Water Leaks: How They Endanger Your Home and Family

Water leaks in a home are often underestimated in their potential to cause significant damage. Whether slow and unnoticed or sudden and severe, water leaks can pose serious risks not only to the structural integrity […]

Hiring a competent & reliable roofing contractor is crucial for restoration services.

What to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor for Restoration Services

Hiring a competent and reliable roofing contractor is crucial for restoration services, especially following damage caused by natural events. In Spokane, where homes can be subjected to storm, water, wind, and hail damage, selecting the […]

Water damage can cause structural issues to your Spokane home if not dealt with quickly.

Structural Damage Caused by Water Damage – What Should I Do?

Water damage can silently wreak havoc on a home, often leading to serious structural issues. From seemingly minor leaks to major floods, water has the potential to weaken foundations, rot wood framing, and compromise the […]

Appliance leaks are common. It is important to respond to prevent water damage to your Spokane home.

How Quick Should I Clean Up Appliance Leaks to Prevent Damage?

In many households, appliance leaks are a common but often underestimated issue. Whether it’s a dripping refrigerator, a malfunctioning water heater, or a leaky dishwasher, these seemingly minor problems can quickly escalate, leading to significant […]

A bathroom flood in your Spokane home can be devastating.

Steps to Take When Your Bathroom Floods Unexpectedly

When you think of home emergencies, a bathroom flood might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, it’s a common and potentially devastating issue many homeowners face. In Spokane, where homes vary […]

Washing machine floods can occur unexpectedly & cause a lot of damage to your home.

What to do when Your Washing Machine Floods Your House?

Washing machine floods can occur unexpectedly and cause significant water damage to a home. The impact of a washing machine flood can be extensive, whether due to a malfunctioning appliance, a burst hose, a plumbing […]

Safeway Restoration is there to offer prompt restoration services if your commercial business has water damage in Spokane.

Restore Your Business After Commercial Water Damage in Spokane

Facing commercial water damage in Spokane can be a formidable challenge. Safeway Restoration stands ready to assist, offering prompt and efficient restoration services vital for getting your business back on its feet. With a deep […]

Prevent weather damage to your Spokane home.

How to Prevent Weather Damage in Spokane

Nestled in the heart of the Inland Northwest, Spokane, Washington, is a city where the weather can be as diverse as its landscape. From the crisp, snow-laden winters to the dry, hot summers, Spokane’s weather […]

Damages from plumbing problems can cause issues like mold growth.

Water Damage – The Hidden Cost of Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems can go beyond mere inconvenience, potentially leading to substantial, hidden costs for homeowners. From leaks and breaking pipes to compromised connections, these issues extend beyond the surface, posing a genuine threat to the […]

Mold removal and remediation in your Spokane home.

Navigating Mold Removal and Remediation After Water Damage

Water damage can lead to the rapid growth of mold, posing threats to property and health. Mold, which thrives in damp environments after floods or leaks, requires swift removal to safeguard homes. Beyond the health […]

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